Hallo from Germany

Hello there guys,

i’ve been in the internet marketing business since about 4 months and i started out with the average seo stuff and niche websites. Im pretty confident with that and i managed to get several websites to #1 for different keywords but it takes a lot of time and endurance to actually see some dollars rollin when monetizing with adsense.
I did take a look at CPA too, but mostly the traffic sources were blackhat and the quality sometimes did suck (yes i was one of those people who made the advertisers srub leads, hit me ).

I knew that some people are banking like shit with paid traffic sources but i never had the balls to actually deposit some hundred dollas to a traffic network and test some campaigns out of the blue.

However, yesterday google deindexed one of my more or less authority sites for one niche. I have no idea why, only thing could be the strong interlinking and someone reported my page so it had to go to manual review.

Then i decided to shit on google and their stupid algorithm, and switch over to paid traffic.

And now here i am, next hours i will soak up all the knowledge in here and will then drop some $ on campaigns.
Hopefully not that much wasted money as i tend to be very spontanious about new things

PS: Im located at the border to austria, so if someone wants to shred some pow of the alps, just hit me up

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hallo peetu… willkommen und viel spass dann aus der CH 🙂

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welcome to the forums… gre aus stuttgart 😉

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HALLO there!!

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Gre aus Bremen

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Tach aus Koblenz.

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Welcome to the forums mate, if you need anything feel free to ask!

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