Halo 4 PPV Campaign – Is it to late to

Halo 4 PPV Campaign – Is it to late to save it?

So i’m trying to do a PPV campaign on Lead Impact and could use some guidance.

Heres the original Landing page below.

And now the landing page I made. (not the exact one i’m using but close) its the first version before I revised it.

Here’s some of my keywords that are getting impressions & clicks but no conversions… (xbox is getting the most impressions/views)

Basically For Urls and Keywords I scraped a few of the top Halo 4 & New Call Of Duty websites + youtube videos + Halo & Cod keywords from the affexpert tools.

– I ended up with about 39 Keywords/Urls Total.

– Set my daily spend limit to 10$ to test.

– 1.50 offer payout.

So A couple of questions

1. Should I be scraping for different URLs or am I on the right track?
2. What should my daily spend limit be testing 1.50 submit offer? …5$?
3. I’ve let this go for 2 days and spent 20$ 0 conversions so far. Do I kill it or try different LPs & URLs?

Any advice appreciated!

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whats the CTR on this page?

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so far i think your lp’s look good..but i would wait until the halo 4 hype really kicks in (mid november/december)…so maybe start your campaign one week before the official release and then tatgert every blog/website that is talking about halo 4..just my 2 cents..but for me it seems like a campaign that only works if you really have a big hype…honestly if i would be a gamer i wouldn’t care about a game release that’s more than a year away from me…

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Originally Posted by polarbacon

whats the CTR on this page?

Like nusolutionz says… it could be too early. But this is supposedly for beta (testing) the game… you can never start testing too early. Or CAN YOU?!??

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one suggestion you could try is….to come at it from another angle… people who are actively shopping for games….and offer that as an "upgrade"….with an LP like….

"Add halo 4 to your order today for 90% off"

or "lock in halo 4 at 90% off"

then send them down a coreg path…..

the lp should be really simple….with the "button" only being a check box……

I would make a page very similar to what ever sit you are popping over… amazon….or game stop….etc…

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