Hard Learned Lesson – Use a Server Monitoring Service!

To keep it short , don’t be cheap if you are pushing a lot of traffic to your server!

I have a server that use for PPV , 16GB RAM 9GHZ CPU etc etc. Pretty good for the amount of traffic I used to push generally.

Yesterday , I launched a few big campaigns bidding on some pretty generic terms across all PPV networks. I didn’t expect them to profit , but I was pretty sure I was going to lose a bit or break even ( I knew the lps converted ) .
I was prepared to "buy data" by throwing a ton of shit to the wall , and optimizing from there and removing all the junk.

So I got my campaigns approved , put my budget as unlimited and went to sleep.
I woke up today and after getting a coffee wanted to see my stats.
Tried to login at me p202 domain , but it wasn’t loading.
After trying refreshing a couple times , I had the feeling smth was wrong.
Tried SSH , no luck there too.

I found out my server had crashed an hour after I went to sleep.
It had been down for around 9 hours , sending $1.5k worth of traffic to a blank page!

Lesson learned , always use a server monitoring service that sends you SMSs or calls you at your cell phone when your server goes down.

After some research today I signed up with , and looks pretty cool so far.

So , it’s always better to be safe then sorry!
Hope you guys don’t make the same mistake.

User Comment:
Damn that sucks Besmir, but i have to say when you said you set it to unlimited (which I’ve never done) i thought you were about to report a $10k+ loss!
There’s a whole bunch of monitoring services for affiliates and they’re all really cheap. $20/ish a month

User Comment:
sh*t that sucks man, sorry to hear that. Definitely will keep that tip in mind. Thanks for the heads up.

The Article Published IN 02-12-2011 12:24 PM

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