Has Adon had its day?

Popped a campaign on the Adon Network platform yesterday, to scale an existing campaign.

I got more traffic than all the other networks combined – and not a single conversion.

Does anyone else here find the traffic garbage?

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Have you used Adon in the past?

Keep in mind that Adon is pop-unders, rather than pop-overs as most PPV networks serve, so what works on other PPV networks may not work on Adon. It’s less interruption marketing than other platforms; it’s something visitors will see when they close the window that your ad popped under.

That being said, I have not run on Adon recently so I can’t vouch for its traffic quality.

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I don’t do much on Adon, but I’m pretty sure you need to speak to your
AMs to get partner ids to run on.

If you’re not targeting by partner ids you’re probably dead in the water
before you pressed the "launch" button.

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Most of the partner ids won’t work there. You have to weed them out.

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Thanks for the heads up guys.

Yeah, I’d forgotten that it’s pop-unders.

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Adon still works pretty well for me.

Just make sure you track the partnerids and move from there.

There is a lot of click fraud mixed in with the good traffic.

User Comment:
Yup, they have a shit load of click fruad, …. a gigantic mother-fucking sized bucked load of click fraud…. If u watch it on P202 your CTR on your landing page will alert you to this, and the partner id’s to ban.

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