Have a problem, would you reveal your landing page?

So I have a problem. This company I work with won’t pay me out for a specific offer because they say the advertiser wishes to see my LP and google search results (SEO traffic which apparently the advertiser claims it didn’t allow for this specific offer though it allows paid search, its a big company and very anal about small issues) but I’m already making money on this with another network with a similar offer from the same advertiser which allows SEO. They owe me apprx. 5400 which I can make back in a few days from the other network.

I’m afraid if I reveal my LP to the advertiser they might try to go after me by removing me from the current offer as well. What do you guys think?

User Comment:
Depending on who your dealing with and how much % of your traffic came from SEO you could do 2 things;

1. Tell them their fucking crazy, and if they want to play games and not allow SEO while they allow PPC you’ll go ahead and stop all traffic to their offers, and out their bullshit on public forums and a few blogs. Especially if they didn’t mention no SEO on the offer rules. It’s pretty much a given SEO is legit as long as it’s not mentioned explicitly as a ‘no’ on offer desc.

2. Create a landing page that will make them happy and show them that, if they say they saw another one just say you were split testing, and then say part 1 in a nicer tone.

I’ll show my landing page/ads depending on who I’m working with. A lot of the time it’s people who don’t care about your biz, or public forum stuff and will take your $. If it’s that type of company/person then you’ll want to be nice/work with them. Also if you’d like to continue working with them you should play nice as well, but put your foot down and tell them everything you did was legal, and they should state their rules completely if they don’t want to see traffic the biggest source of traffic on the internet.

The Article Published IN 04-05-2011 12:45 AM

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