Have uBot, know how to use it, what should I

Have uBot, know how to use it, what should I make?

Sup guys,

I have uBot 4.0 but I don’t know what types of bots to make?

What bots would you guys make if you could?

Hint: If the bot is good I’ll release it to the forum 😉 😉

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I have a little experience with uBot from back in the day when I used them for auto-forum posting. Fun times!

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but an auto-spy tool. I know it can change proxy automatically so if it could go through a list of urls and the grab the pop up by either saving the page or getting a screenshot, that would be awesome. I’m not familiar with uBots ability to pick up other windows that appear, and also i was using the oldschool cracked version. I’m sure uBot has much improved since then.

A more treacherous application of this concept (and probably more feasible) would be to have it cycle through the same target and burn popups. This would be a fight fire with fire method for dealing with people who bid on your domains.

Another tool might be having it scrape all the internal links for a page. So if you had a campaign for, you could get all of the internal pages to see if you could further optimize.

Other ideas might involve auto campaign managers: something that logs into your traffic accounts and adjusts the bids for you based on csvs. I could see this being really buggy though and not something you want to make mistakes on.

thats all i can think of right now…

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Day Parting Tool for POF

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Day Parting Tool for POF

been done with a php script on this forum, search for it if you don’t have it.

if you want something simple to use on ur desktop to manually do day parting, i could see that happening quite easily though.

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some sort of auto optimizing script would be pretty damn cool-> go on to facebook or POF, pause ads with >2k impression and CTR<.2
(not sure that’d prolly be better as a cron job php setup though)

or a facebook dayparting script

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auto adwords clicker to ruin your competition?

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