have you ever sold a FB account? How to remove

have you ever sold a FB account? How to remove CC from account plz

If so, how did you remove your main CC from the funding sources so that the buyer didnt fuck you over after they got the account?

Cant change to Paypal, i would be in same boat.

FB credits are not working since this is not a new account

Tried a prepaid Amex and it accepted it, but would not let me change to primary b/c it was not "verified".

Any help would be great.

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Why wasn’t it verified ? Get a VCC with value over $1.01 (as thats what they charge for verification), make it primary and remove the old one.

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just cancel the card….as soon as you sell the account…..that way if he try’s to use it he will get fucked….

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Damn, very true. I will get things in order and call the bank the day I sell it. Thanks Polar.

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I dont want to get into your business.. but were you able to sell that 30k account for 15k straight up? thats some nice money for an account

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^^ i have several buyers right now. Only thing holding me back is setting up the escrow account and now calling the bank to cancel the card once I sell it.

Been busy with other things. Will prob sell at end of week or beginning of next week.

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Not too sure if this will work:
– but spend $100
– then find a way to prevent a payment going through for when FB charges you
– then it will ask for a new CC, add the prepaid one
– then it should remove your old CC which didn’t pay

The Article Published IN 08-16-2011 11:30 PM

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