Have you some good converting richness pics?

Hey Bro’s,
I’m searching for some "richness" pics for facebook advertising. wanna promote a "lotto strategy" ebook and need good converting pictures displays the "richness after reading this fucking great ebook"

Di someone have already this type of images and would like to share?


User Comment:
the best thing you can do is to search your own pics..try google images, worth1000 etc…also look into the fb ad spy to get some ideas…stackman has wrote a great guide about finding high ctr ads somewhere in the for creativey and split test a huge amount of images and i’m sure you’ll find some winners..

if you use images that someone shares with you the risk is high that these images suck or get saturated quickly

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I would think about what people do with money after they win the lotto. And then combine that with the ‘WTF image’ strategy stackman outlines. Cars with huge wheels…for some reason I think a picture of a hot lady in designer sunglasses would do well with women. some women think money will solve everything and make them hot.

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I’ve honestly had my most success using Google and Flickr for images, with some minor additions with Photoshop then I’m off.

The Article Published IN 07-07-2011 12:50 PM

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