Having a tracking disaster. Heeeelp! Calling P202 experts.

I’ve not used P202 for a while, having purely focused on PPV for the past months and thus using CPV Lab to track my campaigns.

However, now I’m starting to get into PoF, and failed to get CPVLab to work successfully for that, I thought I’d blow the dust off my P202 installation.

I’m on version 1.6.1, which I believe is the latest.

Anyway, here’s the process I’m following. I’m only using direct linking at this stage; person clicks on my ad and gets directed straight to the offer:

1. Add Network and Campaign

2. Get Links. Enter details and generate tracking link.

The output is a URL which looks like:…02kw=f41-431-6

Now if I copy that URL into the address bar, it re-directs to the offer and the click and keyword show in P202.

However, for some reason, when a genuine click comes from PoF, the click shows in P202 with the numerical subid and ‘’ as the referer…


…it does not show the keyword??!!!

So, at the moment, I’m getting conversions, but have no idea which ads they are coming from because I can’t see the keyword which should be passed to p202.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t see it for the life of me.


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that’s weird, i’ve just checked mine and mine are the same layout as your example and never had any problems :S not really sure what to suggest – I would also post this in the p202 forum or browse around to see if the solution is on there.

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I may try a new install on a new domain.

Mind you, I’m starting to think there’s something up with my Plenty of Fish account, because I had the same issue using CPV Lab. The links would work fine when I tested them (by clicking on the ads in my ‘creative management’ interface in PoF), but wouldn’t work when it came to real traffic & clicks.

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hmmm, that is strange. the t202kw= is obviously there in your example


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I’ll set up another PoF Campaign just to test if the keywords get passed this time.

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If your landing page in HTML or PHP? I read in their blog that it has to be PHP or else it doesn’t work

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