HCG Diet Combo Dominating Right Now! 11.96% CR

Hey everyone (finally got broadband internet!)

I received an email from one of my fav affiliate managers today showing me a mega winning diet combo, prob the next big thing within diet rebill niche. Please don’t share this otherwise he’ll kill me.

"After much testing/optimizations to the offer pages weve found a winning a combo for you guys to promote. Im sure youve heard a ton of buzz about HCG products. Couple weeks back we launched an offer HCG ActivatorWeight Loss which is now converting at an average of 11.96% cr and a $4.49epcand seeing a high of15.66% cr and a $5.48 epc.

Check out these Dr Oz videos he totally promotes how HCG products works.

Couple this offer with Fibra Detox Free Trial as your step 2 which has converted as high as 28.57% and a $10.29 epcwith an average of18.75% cr and $6.75 epcor higher (when paired up with HCG) and you got your winning diet combo.

Hit me up asap to get on this and for those who are already promoting diet and HCG these are definitely worthwhile campaigns to invest in.

Step 1
2075 EXCLUSIVE HCG Activator Weight Loss US
hCG Activator is a capsule form product and is classified as a nutritional supplement (under DSHEA). It is currently the only pill form of HCG on the market today! 14 Day Free Trial PROMO CODE: "HCGNOW"

Step 2
2121 Fibra Detox Free Trial US
Feel Lighter and & Stay Health get your trial bottle of Fibra detox. US traffic only

Both these offers are available at Mundo Media (possibly elsewhere but i’m pretty sure both offers are exclusive to mundo). I’m not big within the weight loss niche at all, but i did run it strong for about 6 months 1.5 years ago.

– If you’ve run any diet before and know the whole game, then try out this combo i’ve been told it’s converting like a beast.
– If you haven’t run diet traffic before you’ll want to run some sort of news/blog style flog landing most likely unless you have a great new angle.

If your looking to get accepted to mundo right away whens signing up, put the following in the application:
"For Frederic, from Jordan @"

User Comment:
DDAAAYYAAAMM!! $10.29 EPCs!!…I can only assume this is tailor made for network media buys?

User Comment:
^ Pretty much, but I’m sure it’ll bank on other traffic sources..
POF & Myspace I feel would be worth some testing forsure

The Article Published IN 03-12-2011 12:30 AM

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