Hello Doers!


I joined a few days back and have been reading extensively on the forum. There seems to be such a lot of energy here and I believe it’s because there are a large number of doers here – people doing and teaching & people learning and doing.

In just a few days, I’ve launched a number of campaigns on FB. No success yet but a lot of learning. I’m hoping to fail fast so I can speed up my learning curve.

I’ve recently closed my digitization business (we were converting print magazines into digital) and right now I’m focusing on learning to sell to people online.

I used to read Lorenzo’s and Jordan’s blog and got such a lot of good information that when I got the chance to join this forum, I didn’t wait to think.

I stay in India (right now) and I hope to build great relationships with achievers from around the world on this forum.

User Comment:
Good luck! What campaigns did you launch on FB I have launched several thousand by hand so maybe I can offer some assistance.

User Comment:
Thanks Kevin. I will pick your brains

The Article Published IN 06-04-2011 07:27 PM

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