Hello from Auckland

Hello all. My name is Darren and I’m a stay at home Dad with 3 young children living in Auckland, NZ.

The reason I’m here is to learn some skills that will help me support my family financially.

My short term goals are to:

  • learn the basics (finding offers and angles, creating campaigns and optimizing)
  • become proficient with one traffic source (still deciding between Facebook and LeadImpact at this stage)
  • put in some blood sweat and tears on a daily basis
  • consistently net $100+ per day by the end of July

I’m here to learn from the BEST, and it seems that some of the best are definitely here.

I look forward to engaging with some of you on the forum, and to the journey and growth that lies ahead.

– Darren

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Another kiwi! Wohooo! Welcome Darren!

Out of curiosity have you been to any affiliate marketing meetups in Auckland?

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Originally Posted by Mr Green

Out of curiosity have you been to any affiliate marketing meetups in Auckland?

None at all. I’m fairly new to all of this, so I haven’t looked much beyond my own PC at the moment

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Hey Darren, great to have you here!

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Howdy Darren, I am also from Auckland, also have three kids, 10, 8 & 5 but unfortunately not a stay at home Dad. Whereabouts in Auckland? I live semi rural just outside Papakura / Drury.


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Hey Mike, I’m closer to the CBD in Parnell. Beautiful day outside today!

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Cool. At the moment I work at the Viaduct which is a nice spot if I have to be working in a normal job.

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Good luck on your quest Darren. Stay focused and market things you are passionate about!

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