Hello from Doug in Madera, California

Hi all,

Doug here…

I’ve been trying to get my head around this Affiliate Marketing biz for a few years now. To be honest, I havent had a lot of success and I feel like my family is under the impression that it’s just the Guru’s making money off of suckers like me.

I must admit, I may be too trusting for this business. I’m 57 years old and I guess it’s the old school ways that I still embrace that make me somewhat gullible…to say the least.

I have to believe that there still exist honest people in this world that really do care about their fellow man…that the well being of humanity is much more valuable than money.

Sadly, money is a necessary evil and like the rest of the folks here that have to live according to the rules, I’m just trying to make an honest living and hope to have more time for family and friends…let freedom ring!

I love writing songs as well and I’ve had some really close…almost there moments in my life. But hey, that’s another dream I’ve had to put on the back burner for now. I’m hopefull a few of you old Pro’s here can help me find more time for stuff like that instead of having to worry about money…

I’m so excited about being a new member of this private forum and meeting new friends that share the same interest of seeing their dreams become reality.

I just hope this place is as real as the sales copy I read before joining…and please don’t take offense…like I said before, I’ve believed a lot of hype over the years and I’ve spent way more than I’ve made trying to become a profitable Afiliate.

For now, I truly feel blessed to be here because I believe it’s the real deal.


User Comment:
It is the real deal…..lot to learn BUT action is where the money is made……try not to get overwhelmed by the amount of info in the forums… thing you can do is pick a traffic source like FB or PPV and just get stuff rolling…….and stick with it……there are shiny objects a plenty but the real money is in getting the data and making it work…..

If you need help just ask…

User Comment:
Hey Doug! Great to have you here. I used to live in Fresno…

User Comment:
Welcome to the forums mate! Let’s make $$$!

The Article Published IN 06-29-2011 09:26 AM

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