Hello from England

Good evening all,

Joined a couple of weeks ago and have been in and out whilst finishing studies for Cisco exam. Now ready to roll

Dabbled in various forms of Internet Marketing for past few years but now ready to smash the back doors in on social and ppv. Sick of chasing the penny methods.

Been a member of a few forums but got to say this one is the dogs bollocks. Every thread an absolute gem and worth far more than all the other forums put togther.

Best wishes to everyone.


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Hey John!

welcome to the board mate!
Was actually in London last week for Holiday, loved it! (except for your "famous" food) ^^

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Thanks mate,

Not been to London for nearly 20 years except for the airport. "famous food"? where are you from? I’ll see if i agree 🙂

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Hehe, I’m from Sweden.

The Article Published IN 06-07-2011 07:12 PM

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