Hello from Essex UK

Hey everybody!

Have been a member for just over a week now so an introduction is well overdue. Based in Essex UK. Have been doing AM seriously for about 2 years. Background is in social traffic (mainly dating) but have been working on spreading my wings into other traffic sources and niches over the last few months spending a lot of time on PPV. Am getting a really high success rate with my PPV campaigns. Dating seems hard on PPV but am doing REALLY well with other niches. Key thing that I’ve learnt about PPV is that it’s all about credibility and angles. Don’t need fancy landers but they need to look professional to build up trust. Need to do something different to everybody else and avoid bidding on the obvious. Also don’t forget keywords – these sometimes work great.

Think this place is awesome. Was desperate to join the original Stackman forum but was never quick enough to get in. It’s great to be here at last. Content and quality of posts is awesome – best I’ve seen in any forum.



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Hey Andy!

Welcome to the the forums! Yup I’m all for the creative angles, you can use really default saturated offers in a unique way and you are a happy happy camper.

Good to hear you are enjoying the forums!

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