Hello From Montreal

Hey all,

I’m Darryl from Montreal. Joined the forum a couple of weeks ago before heading out on vacation, and have just settled in and began reading through these past couple of days. Very appreciative of the content being shared on here; along with what appears to be a generally helpful community of seasoned vets and people starting out.

I used to run dating offers a couple years back via Craigslist, but couldn’t keep up with the constant changes while juggling school and work. I have freed up enough time for myself to re-visit this industry, and really give it a go. I have made too many half-assed attempts here and there over the past few months, but never really completely dedicated myself. I have tracking setup via CPVLab, along with a funded LeadImpact account to get myself going.

I look forward to continue learning new things, meet people, and hopefully be able to provide insight and help to fellow members at some point If anyone else is starting out and wants to chat, shoot the shit, etc etc… shoot me a message.

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whats up there, I’m from QC city Welcome !

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Welcome Darryl!

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Bienvenue mes amis!

Nice to see some more Canadians up in this forum.

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Ello’! Welcome to the community.

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