Hello from NYC, USA

Hey there,

Decided to join up on this forum this morning. I want to get a thorough education in POF, PPV, FB, etc.

I have been moderately successful with a couple of affiliate sites in the past, but recently Google has dropped my results, thus forcing me to learn and diversify (which I should have done previously.)

I am eager and hopeful that with the help of this forum I will reach a livable, thrivable wage again as soon as possible.

I know that this scene is constantly changing, affiliate networks dissapear, margins are reduced, etc… So I need all the help I can get right now.


Medium Lebowski

User Comment:
Welcome to the forums Medium!

Diversification is key in affiliate marketing. Looks like you learned it the hard way .

Each one of us ( me , Lorenzo and Jordan ) will handle a different traffic source so you will have quite a lot of guides to read.

After that you have to put into action what is taught here. Success is achieved only with hard work.

Enjoy your stay here!

The Article Published IN 05-24-2011 03:19 PM

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