Hello from Ohio

Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m so stoke about the information available here. I’ve spent a few hours looking around and my head is spinning with ideas.

I’ve been dabbling in IM for 2 years but have never devoted the time required to scale and make it a full time endevour. That changes now. My goal is to go full time by the end of the year. That’s a fairly agressive goal considering I earn a pretty comfortable living in a Director level position with a Fortune 100 company but I’m confident I can make a good run at it.

I look forward to learning a ton and contributing when I can.

User Comment:
Welcome zoom! I’m from Ohio myself (although headed down to sunny Florida next year)

Best of luck reaching your goal!!

User Comment:
I’m sure you’ll reach your goal – just work hard for it! Salute!

The Article Published IN 08-03-2011 04:21 PM

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