Hello from Paris, FRANCE

hello all,

I’m French and I live in paris. During a trip to England I discovered internet marketing at a seminar.

For a few months I am interested in internet marketing but I’m totally lost. I tried some methods without success. there are so many methods, gurus, information and techniques. I’m stuck I do not know how or where to start. I’m really glad I discovered this forum and I wish you all much success.

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Hi pinksa95,

Welcome to the forum! You will get all the help you ever need here.

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Hey welcome on board.

I’ve been to Paris a couple times and love it.

Make sure you take action on what you read here and ask any questions yo might have.

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welcome pinksa95!

I’m currently running some french traffic, would you mind reviewing the translation I have? It would be awesome to have a native French person’s take on my copy.

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Welcome fellow-citizen, wishing u health and success !

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welcome onboard @pinksa95!

I know Paris reasonably well as I have visited there a lot over the years mainly because I used to work for a French Company here in the UK, that was until they made me redundant a couple of months back… though you know what they say about one door closing…., we’re all friends on here, good luck in your endeavours.

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