Hello From Sunny Australia!

Hey everyone, just dropping by to say hello. I’m pretty new to paid traffic but not to Internet marketing. Making a couple of Gs with ebay at the moment but isn’t enough for me (especially when your expenses are half of that hahah). At the moment I’m learning Adwords and I’m with Neverblue.

I actually wanted to start with Facebook but they suspended my account even before I got got any ads running. Not exactly sure why, I tried to put in 1 or 2 direct link cpa offers (I think they were netflix) and I got the kick. Oh well, I’ll stick to Adwords for now.

Looking forward to learning a lot from this forum!

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welcome….and ya thats FB’s way of saying fuck you have a nice day….. don’t put all your eggs in one basket at adwords either…..depending on the level of Prozac they are on at any given moment your account can get banned just the same there…..

key tip is everything you do at adwords deleted or not is grounds to rid you from the system… thing you can do is control your lp… on adwords can be the kiss of death…they often will give you your account back if you can make changes to the lp…..

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Holla from NZ and welcome to STM! Enjoy the smashing you’re gonna get on the RWC field!

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Hey thanks everyone! I’m thinking of getting into ppv instead, cant stand the red tape of google. Im in LI but they’re taking ages to approve my landers. Trying for TV as well but it seems like you need a bit more effort to get in.

But in the mean time, there’s so much quality content in the forums! I guess that will keep me company until things start happening

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G’day mate! Lets put another shrimp on the barby! 😉

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Hello keen, welcome to the forums.

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