Hello from the beach

Hey everyone,

Southern California here.

I haven’t posted much but I check the forums multiple times a day. While I really appreciate the input from Lorenzo, Stack, Russian etc … the dude with the My Little Pony avatar (sorry bro) … I do enjoy (not the right word) seeing posts from people struggling but still working hard. Makes me feel less like an alien in this business.

I come from a mentality that’s like, instead of "why aren’t people converting?", I think "Why are people clicking on ads in the first place?" because I never paid attention to online ads before I got into this a year ago. So it’s a lot of work to get myself into that mentality.

Just had a daughter five days ago so I’m exhausted, but also driven more than ever. I live six blocks from the Pacific Ocean and am tired of leaving it every morning to drive to a desk. Six times a day, I read a thread and think "Holy crap, that’s genius". Good people here.

Let’s do this! Don’t waste time wishing things were different, because they’re not. But you can make things different going forward.

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Welcome dude! Congrats on the baby and good luck with the campaigns! This place is golden…

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Welcome! What part of SoCal? I used to live in Camarillo

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Originally Posted by Daksneezian

Welcome! What part of SoCal? I used to live in Camarillo

Thanks Brian!

And DK – Hermosa Beach. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Camarillo, I’d spend all day at the outlet mall.

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Welcome and congrats on the baby! I an from Newport and Dana Point but now live on the East Coast.

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