Hello From The UK… You guys ROCK!

Hello from the UK!

Despite being an (PT) affiliate for several years, its been mainly in SEO and I have several sites making some money (not much), but the big "G" is doing its utmost to change that.

Recently got into this side of CPA inspired by the excellent Mr Green, STM & finchsells blogs, additional motivation was supplied courtesy of my employer who made me redundant….

I’ve Been a member of STM for maybe a month and have spent a lot of the time reading through the tutorials and follow-a-long’s… simply awesome!!!!

My objective is to make some kind of living online before I have to look for another job, so wish me luck, its not ideal, but hey look on the bright side… I’ve never had this much time to invest in IM before so that counts for something and I’ve got my redundancy money to spend

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Yo Paul! Welcome welcome welcome!

Time to make IM your next and last job.

How long are you giving yourself to make things work?

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Hi Lorenzo! 2-3 months before I start thinking oh shit!!!! and wife starts divorce proceedings, LOL!

Ideally If I can build to $200-$300 days consistently I can grow from there, not looking for baller status right off the bat

Already had a couple of loss making campaigns on POF, and one mildly profitable campaign on PPV ($100 Net over the space of 3 weeks) out of the 10 or so loss making campaigns I’ve done so far. Overall probably standing at about -$500 currently

But its part of the learning curve right?

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hey paul, hi and welcome to the forums. great info shared but be prepared to get back to work as well 😉

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Originally Posted by ppvnewbie

hey paul, hi and welcome to the forums. great info shared but be prepared to get back to work as well 😉

Not sure if that’s supposed to encourage or dishearten? or maybe being realistic? but thanks for the welcome…

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!!!!!!! W-E-L-C-O-M-E !!!!!!!
Let me know if you need anything!

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Thanks Ryan,

Also appreciate getting me into EWA too! working with Matt who is a awesome AM, just setting up my first couple of campaigns with you guys, fingers crossed.

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