Hello From Xy7 Elite!

I am the CEO and also author of blog. I am excited to be on this board and interact with other media buyers.

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Hey Kevin welcome on board man.

Happy to see you here.

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Hey Kevin – welcome!

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Excited to be here and contribute.

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Awesome! Arent you guys running MyLife offers now? Any details on this? payout etc, and yes im a current affiliate with xy7 but not elite section..

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We have been running mylife offers for over 2 years. As of about a week ago we are now agency of record for them What that fancy title means is we now pretty much control the market on it. Which also allow us to Release new niche pages like Payout start at $1.75 and goes upward depending on back end quality. There is currently NO CAP on this offer. All traffic is accepted except incentive.
If anyone would like to run it just aim me. All my details are in my sig file.

The Article Published IN 06-04-2011 05:31 AM

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