HELP Guys – Facebook Ads, iFrame and Prosper202 Tracking

Ok – so I dug into all my pdf’s today as I’ve decided to stop banging my head against a wall with dating on Facebook and try something totally different.

So, after 24hrs, I’m pretty pleased with the result. A Facebook app to iFrame my landing page on a new Fanpage I created. AND, until you ‘like’ the page you can’t take the next step – so all pretty cool and works a dream.

HOWEVER – help from you super techies needed.

I’m running some FB Ads direct to the fanpage, which just shows as the page name in the ad creation box – so how can I pass any data for tracking from that url to the link in the iframed landing page.

At the moment, I have my first t202 tracking link in the iframed landing page – but of course, that only records the people who actually click and go to the offer – not the number of people who actually land on the page from the ads.

I also have no way of knowing which demographic is actually converting….

Is their a way to somehow send/pass on tracking data from the ad – to the prosper202 link contained within the iframe….

Damm… hope that makes some sense….

User Comment:
since its an internal link…..passing stuff is not an option(best I can tell)……only thing I could suggest would be real time analytics like but its just gonna tell you page hits…..

User Comment:
I thought that was going to be the answer – couldn’t see any way you could pass data from the FB page into the iframed page – but thought I’d better ask the question…

The Article Published IN 06-29-2011 05:28 PM

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