Help: Piggyback Pixels ?

I am trying to combine 8 image pixels and two javascript pixels into one secure javascript pixel that I control.

I created a js file and added the image pixels by using document.write and simply pasted the two javascript pixels below that. For some reason, none of the pixels are firing…

If it matters, I am hosting the js file on a server using nginx that is only used to host html creatives. Does it matter if I’m not using apache?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

– Robert

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In case noone can help you, use
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would like to learn how to do this as well!! if you find an answer itzbert, please post here as well!!

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Turns out it was most likely an issue on the advertiser side and the network has resolved it for me. I set up piggybacked pixels by purchasing an SSL cert and following these instructions:…xels-from-akmg

Keep in mind when you set up SSL you should point to If you don’t, you will have to choose between and when you set it up… I was a little stuck there until i figured it out.

Tip: Controling pixels like this is great for multivariate testing html creatives using services like google website optimizer and obviously hiding traffic sources too.

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The Article Published IN 09-28-2011 04:01 PM

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