Help Using AffExpert Rotator + Mr Green POF Uploader +

Help Using AffExpert Rotator + Mr Green POF Uploader + Prosper202 together

Hi guys, so I’ve got Besmir’s rotator tool self-hosted, I’ve got Mr.Green’s POF Uploader ready to go in Firefox, and I’ve got Prosper202 hosted.

I have a few questions which may be really noobish, but forgive me.

Here is what I’d like to achieve:
– Track my different campaigns and whether or not they’ve converted
– Track which combination of Photo/Text Ad/Lander/Offer is performing the best.

Also – before I used affexpert or the uploader, I was adding my own kw= value to the end of each ad in POF, but this was getting tedious. For example ""


So I have a few questions:

– When I set up the links in prosper, I am using an "advanced lander", right? Since I plan on rotating to say, 3 different offers using the affexpert rotator?

– How will I be able to organize my results using the POF uploader, since I will not be going in there manually and typing out the kw= part I explained above?

– Do you pros in this forum have a better way of doing this? I’m sure you guys have got some good systems that are tracking things cleanly for you…

Thanks, and I’ll specify if anyone is having trouble with what I’ve tried to explain.
(I’ve attached a crappy drawing to try and help the cause along)

User Comment:
I would also like to know how too. Any help?

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