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Hi from sunny Amsterdam

I recently started getting into facebook advertising read some ebook and also all the thread here

So last night i have setup my first facebook campaign ad and let run, after few hours the results

LP url

Offer: $250 movie gift card
Payout: 2,60

Headline: Thor vs Captain America
Ad Body: Anyone going to see these movies ? Lets Us Know

* who live in the United States
* 24 years old and younger
who like captain america, captain america first av…enger, comics, marvel comics, marvel movies, movies, thor or tv showsSee More
* who are single or in a relationship
* who speak English (Pirate) or English (US)

220k impressions
128 clicks
CTR: 0.058
39 cpc
spend: $50

This my first one , so it would be nice to get some opinion (good or bad) for better optimizing

thank you

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I feel the lander is pretty boring. You need a way higher CTR to make that profitable. What kind of images did you used for your ads? The font used on the image and the buttons is pretty hard to read, clean that and make it more stand out. Try to use some of Stack’s landers you can find in this thread. Use the Bieber one or the basketball with the same angle (who’d win: 1 on 1 fight?) or something related.

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first try with LP . I only used one image for my ad (only created one ad

but i went back and found some great pic for my ad and also redid my lp what do you think ?

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i would definitively change the the font..a simple black font will do the text on white background is the best

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In my past experience I have modelled the landing page around facebook colours/layout to make it seems more in sync. That 2nd landing page to me is too squashed up into the top left, it seems more like a ppv lander than one for facebook to me.

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For the 1st landing page
First thing that comes to mind is, you don’t connect the landing page to the offer. Your not mentally setting people up to fill out the offer!

Second like ppvnewbie said the landing page is boring, you have to get people excited to answer your question!

Third, change you call to action buttons!

Fourth, Min age for email submits should be 18, so if you have the ability to target age, do 18+, or in your case 18-24.

Second landing page
Is better, but still needs some work..

Use the poll landing page ppvnewbie suggested, it converts pretty well!

Also use targeting, target; thor, captain america, marvel, comics, etc…

User Comment:
Thankx guys

going to make does changes

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