Here comes a Nepalese Friend for u all

Hi Guys

Sorry about the delay but I have to take one step further n I wish to introduce myself …

I love this forum as I am not new here and been a member for more than 2 months.

I am originally from Nepal (pls google it) right now in London been a full time AM since 2010 but still on a learning process … hope I am going to bank this year with your help.

By the way any of you guys been to Nepal?

Cheers to all… Namaste

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Hey Regan, welcome!

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welcome and nope on the Nepal thing….its on the to-do list though

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wow! crazy question: have u been to the everest?

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gr8 polarbacon … its in my to do list aswell to visit Mt. Everest (only base camp) even thought I was nearby for years n years …

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haha I am gonna get there before I die …

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oh man, this board become so international, one day if I travel aboard, I sure visit you all

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Welcome on board man!

Where were you hiding , first post only after two months!

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Welcome to the community, if you need anything feel free to ask!

The Article Published IN 08-02-2011 02:14 PM

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