Hey from Houston, TX

Hey Guys!

Affiliate marketing is something I’ve always known that you can generate tons of profit with, and I’ve always been wanting to try it out for a few years, but never had the time.

I looked up a few reviews of this forum online, and it seems to be the real deal. From what I’ve read so far, I think I’m going to start with PPV… can anyone recommend some of the best networks for just starting out?

I’m going to keep reading the getting started section, and try to figure this out. Hopefully I’m able to make sense of everything and stick around!

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Welcome dude!

In terms of PPV you can start with EWA or Wolfstorm they are the easiest to get into since there are reps on these forums. If you want to try email submits I would recommend

I’ve used that avatar before! It’s a keeper!

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Haha, thanks!

I’ve been reading up on selecting the best affiliate ad networks, and have seen good things about both of those. I submitted an application to EWA and sent Ryan an email a few days ago, and I’ll submit an application to Wolfstorm today. Then I’ll have two networks to focus on. I’ll definitely look at addrive, but all the threads about getting scrubbed with submits are scary… lol.

There’s just so much of a learning curve I’m having to go through learning all of this… my head has been hurting like crazy the past few days.

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Sup mate! I’ll vouch for these forums….honestly worth triple what we’re gettin it for! (don’t u dare do it stackman! ) I’m only really startin out too but would recommend against submits and for a more stable niche, just seems by the time you optimize a submit campaign it’l prob be gettin scrubbed. Your head will be hurtin for weeks lol good luck and go hard!

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Hey man, I’m in Houston as well. Good to have another Texan here!

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Awesome, that’s two of us at least… lol!

@iwanturcoin I’ve been following your 30 day challenge and you definitely look on track to becoming a pro at this!

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try those simple offer less than $5, make sure you mentioned your from STM for easy approval…

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another TXan here .. I’m in Dallas

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I used to live in TX (Spring), welcome!

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