Hey Guys! Quick Hi from Australia (Melb)!

Hey guys!

Just a quick hello from Melbourne and a brief introduction.

I am no stranger to online businesses but relatively new to affiliate marketing.

My previous dabble with Internet business was an e-commerce company which lasted for 5 years piggy-backing on cheap eBay fees back in the days. As eBay fees skyrocket, my profit margin dwindled and I made the decision to close it down.

So I am trying to learn the ropes of Affiliate Marketing and have been reading quite a few books, blogs etc etc and finally decided what the heck I need to take action. Got in contact with my AM and he introduced me to STM. 1 week later, here I am!

I hope to make some friends with the same interest in Affiliate Marketing in the Melbourne area. I just got my PR and made the move over not many months ago. I am a Malaysian born Chinese.

Above all else, I am a very teachable person and I love to learn, I work like a dog (I know, I am industrious, It’s the traits of a Chinese. I am born with it 😛 ) so if someone is nice enough to take me under their wings, it’ll be awesome!

Well take care and god bless!


p/s- I still don’t know how to answer the question "What do you do for a living?" Gee .. why do people like to ask that damn question so much … *sigh*

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Oh and I am looking for a referrer into EWA. I think they are a perfect match for my work habits. They needed one and I don’t have any.

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small small world, I’m also a malaysian chinese, if you need referal to EWA, PM me.

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Hey Awesome! I sent Ryan Eagle a PM holding him accountable for his signature. See if he will respond 😛

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Which part of Melbourne are you in anyway?


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welcome mate! i’m from the gold coast but am in melb at the moment for a few weeks… me if u want my AIM i’m pretty noobish too but alway good to echange ideaqs with people!

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Welcome to STM, there is a huge surge of publishers coming in from AU these days!

The Article Published IN 09-16-2011 10:30 AM

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