Hey there from Melbourne!

Hey everyone,

My Name is Jax, I’m 20 from Melbourne, Australia!

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity given to me by good friend and STM member Maynzie, where I was taken to a meet up in Melbourne where Mr. Green, Jordan and The Angry Russian were present and I was able to see how the affiliate market lifestyle works so well.

This in result ended up with me entering the contest just ran by Mr. Green and Globalizer on his blog and lucky enough ended up the winner of 12 months on this amazing forum.

Now I have endeavored in AM back in my final year in high school with some cool results but after starting a career I have no other option to make AM work and live the lifestyle I crave and admire.

Just thought I’d say Hi, stoked to meet you all and lets all get $$$’d up and never have to work for an asshole like I do now!


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so you are that guy who win the forum subcription. kudos and welcome, lets get busy

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Hey Jax, welcome to the forums bro!

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Welcome Jax

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welcome mate! i’m in melb at tho moment …..back to sunny queensland this week tho, bit cold down here for me Good Luck man!

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Cheers Hd, Mr. Eagle himself, mtmgao and iwanturcoin, appreciate it! Lets all get bank!
haha yeah it is a bit cold down here man 😛
I’m off to gold coast in a month for a work trip for 2 weeks, going to be nice to get some sunshine!

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i’m from the gold coast….will prob be back up there next weekend, hit me up if ur keen for a beer while ur up. PM me here or ScottSeward on AIM….

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Welcome to STM Jax, congrats on winning the subscription! Definitely a valuable prize. I’m from Brisbane myself so may end up meeting you at the next Aus Meetup…
Put that yearly subscription to use and best of luck man!

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Welcome mate, you have certainly had an auspicious start…..a years subs and meeting all those guys, nice one

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Hey Jax.. Welcome. Will you be making the trip to ASE?

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Thanks guys, yeah couldnt ask for too much of a better start!
Hey marcus, i don’t think I will be unfortunately, can’t afford the plane tickets, I’m still talking to globalizer might be getting a substitute prize, as much as I’d love to go the financials just arnt in place atm, yet 😉 !

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Welcome aboard Nigz

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