Hi everyone! David from Holland

Hi STM members!

My name is David and I’m from Holland. I got into IM about a year ago and into CPA soon after. In September last year I had a few big bangs with International offers + FB ads. That allowed me to do IM for full-time and travel quite a bit (I was living in Viet Nam). There weren’t many similar offers at that time and I was somewhat put off by the CPC of Western countries so I thought I had to find other ways to make money online. That was a big mistake because for more than 6 months I chased every new shiny object and barely made any money. Instead I should have kept my focus on FB ads. I had to go back to Holland 3 months ago because I ran out of money, and I’m currently looking for a regular job in order to get my finances straight.

I hope to get three things from my membership here:
– learn FB ads inside out so I can make money from it consistently
– learn other traffic sources (initially PPV and eventually media buys)
– be full-time IMer again asap

I also hope I can contribute to the forum. My first lesson to all newbies out there:
STAY FOCUSED! Master one traffic source/strategy before you hop on to another.


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Welcome to STM, David

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Welcome David, i’m also from holland. where in holland do you live?

you can start of the right way by going to adsimilis meet up in amsterdam this saturday! i’ll be there too.

hope you will reach your goals fast!

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Heyooo! It’s great to see international affiliates hustling out there!

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Dutch ppl make the best music!
Welcome aboard jongen!

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Welcome aboard. I have purchased over 11 billion impressions on Facebook just this year hit me up with any questions I will happily give you advice.

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