Hi from downunder Rodney from Auckland New Zealand.

Hi All

My name is Rodney,I am looking forward to this journey and wanting to leave my J.O.B,I live in Auckland New Zealand.


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Hey Rodney!

Awesome to have you on-board (especially cause you’re a kiwi )

We definitely need host a meet up in Auckland there is quiet a few of you on the forums now!

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Hi Rodney

Howdy from another JAFA


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Hi Rodney, welcome to the forum. I’m new here too and live in Auckland. Great place to hang out with some great people here.

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Hey Rodney, Let’s get that money together!!!!

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Welcome aboard!

We’ll help you get out of that job in no time.

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What is with all the Kiwi’s on here… welcome bud

The Article Published IN 06-23-2011 04:13 AM

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