Hi from MN

I am glad to be re-joining the ranks of IM. I was into it pretty heavily for about two years and doing well. Google was my only traffic source so you know what happened next. I was doing about $500-1k a day net spread between 3 different campaigns but got them all shut off.

After that I took a break for the last 6 months and haven’t touched a thing concentrating on my real world business. I know want to get back into it so hear I am.

Seen some great content already and already have my first PPV campaign ready to go just waiting for LI approval. I am going to play around with some CPA campaigns but plan to focus on lead generation for large niches that most CPA networks have no offers for. I have some insight on two industries and I will be digging deep into both. I just hope I can bring them quality leads so I can pump PPV at that all day and night.

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Welcome There are a few of us from MN here also, nice to see another!

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I’m the newbiest minnesotan

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Welcome to the community! Let me know if you need any help!

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