Hi from Portland


I’ve been taking the money I made playing poker over the years and flailing around with different IM ideas. Spent way too much time and money reading up and inventing offers that weren’t going anywhere. Which brings me here. I joined to see if I could find anything that will help me going forward. I’m going to be soaking up these forums for a month and seeing if it’s worth staying.

I’m enjoying the process of trying to invent an offer that works, and in the mean time I’m loving Oregon’s medical program.

Take care

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I joined the forums recently also, from salem oregon, small world. best of luck

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Welcome To The Forums, a fellow Oregonian myself.

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Nice of you to join us…Aloha, OR here!

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welcome…….just curious since you are a gambler ever considered/done any kinda of those leads?

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I’ve thought about doing casino offers in the future, but creating a health offer is my focus now.

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Welcome to the STM! Let me know if you need anything!

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