High CTR ad with over 1000 clicks not getting traffic

High CTR ad with over 1000 clicks not getting traffic anymore? wth

So i have one ad with over 1000 clicks.

The ad exists about a week.
I tested it 2 days along with other ads, and it got 300 clicks in that testing period and a 0,30 CTR. CPC was around 0.12 cents and my bid was 0,18 cents.

I set the campaign on pause from then. And 4 days later i set it back to active, with only running this ad. the ad was performing well so i decreased my bid slightly with a few cents till i was down to 0.09 cent. and i let it run till the next morning. I received 800+ clicks – average cpc 0.07cents and ctr was around 0,3. I set the campaign to pause because the time was middle in the night for that demo.
So later that day when i get back from work i set this campaign back to active and i get ZERO traffic. i raised my daily budget too $250 and in one hour only got 2 clicks with high CTR 0.35. I raised my bids till 0,25 (average bid was 0,14 cents), and still i just get a few clicks and my ctr is still high!

Why is this happening?

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I’ve experienced this too. Another FB marketer told me to never pause ads, and lower your budget to $1/day instead, keeping your campaign active.

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That is what i heard too. Would be nice is Jordan can confirm this. And if he maybe knows why

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What you mentioned happens quite often when you have a lot of campaigns. Sometimes you can wait it out, and it’ll come back. Most people claim it’s due to pausing, but it happens sometimes even when i don’t pause. It’s usually hiccups within the FB system, i don’t think it’s ever manual.
– Do what index said though, instead of pausing lower to $5 if you can, $1 seems a bit sketchy, i always do $5. This definitely works, but its not 100% fullproof
– or you can recreate the ad in a new campaign, not in the same one.

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Actually I noticed the same thing and would lower my budget to $10 just to keep the campaign running instead of pausing.

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This just happened to me to be honest, was having an ad performing great and today I woke up with a ctr of 0.05 and like 9 clicks where it’s usuallt spent around $30 at this time. I had a shuffle around unpausing a couple of ads in the same campaign and raised bid a few cents to hopefully revive it. Maybe it’s just a hiccup like stack said fingers crossed.

— update —

I upped my bids to what he new suggested bid was and it seems to have brought the impressions back, the avg cpc a few cents higher but I’m sure as the day progresses the CTR will improve and bring that back down. Maybe I lowered my bid a little too much or something.

The Article Published IN 02-26-2011 07:15 AM

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