Hosting – any learning guides?

I know there is a bunch of info online, however, I realized I don’t know that much about the "why" u would use a specific type of hosting for a specific scenario.

Example, I use – (don’t use them) on their shared hosting plan.

I have read that it is better to have a dedicated host for ip reasons, tracking reasons, etc. That I am completely unaware of? Or I was reading that an ecommerce site should have it’s own server, and also one should plan for a sites growth in the event u had your site on a shared server and had to move the site. I just don’t know about the specific nuances that can arise in this industry, what to look for when & why, and what to plan for if growth should occur, or problems that happen if u have to move a organically ranked site to another host?

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Imagine it like this:

Your customer is from the UK and are trying to either:

1. Be tracked through your tracking system.
2. View your LP.

The closer the server is to them, the faster it loads on their screen, the faster it loads on their screen the higher the probability they will engage your site and convert.

So dedicated hosts, while good, will be slower than Content Delivery Networks ( CDN’s ) like Amazon CloudFront.

Just Host is fine ( I use them ) for serving small amount of customers ( <2k ) in the country where your server is, but you will notice a big increase in CVR when you switch to a CDN.

I supplement a CDN with my Just Host and I also have a 1&1 server. I have all my images / scripts load off of the CDN and the HTML off the Just Host Server.

To answer your original question regarding learning guides:

None that I know of, I picked things off of blogs here and there.

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I have a VPS for tracking. All my static content (images, javascript, css, html, …) for landing pages is stored on a CDN (Amazon Cloudfront).

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just make sure your server admin is not a donkey, not all hoster are knowledgeable, switch if they fail to make your vps running faster…nginx, php-fpm, varnish is a good combination

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