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Just a quick questions guys. Not dabbled too much with PPV. Usually stuck with PoF and Facebook before jumping into another platform thinking I’m missing out on something.

Hope this makes sense…

I’ve just loaded Hotbar on my PC with HideMyAss for some spying on sites in the US.

So, I start with an obvious one and go to a well known dating site, and as expected, a new window pops up with a lp for another well known dating site. It wasn’t sized particularly well in the window.. nonetheless, I clicked on it to go to the offer page –

HOWEVER… no sooner do I get to the offer page, then another window pops over the offer page with yet another dating offer (actually, the affiliate had targeted the same offer as the offer page) – So aren’t you kinda screwed if you’re simply going to get your offer page popped over by someone bidding on your offer url.

Then I thought maybe it was someone actually bidding on another affiliates ‘exact’ offer url, not just the offer page – but it just happened again…. – go to a dating site, up pops a nice Russian girl, I click on it, and then while the page loads in the background another offer pops over it with a co-reg offer… WTF…

What am I missing????

User Comment:
You aren’t missing anything.

That’s how it works on LI.

So if you use landing pages you also better have a separate campaign bidding on the offer url.

Another option would be sending users to a page on your server that has the offer iframed.

User Comment:
Cheers buddy – so I’m not being a dumbass… just got to think smart to protect my stuff..

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