how about a "suggestion" section?

Hi all,
just wondering if anyone would be interested in a "suggestion" section so that members can make suggestions…

e.g. I do have a suggestion but don’t know where to post it

here it goes:
how about enable the "view posts you’ve thanked" feature in vBulletin? I personally think it’s useful cos instead of subscribing to the thread(that’s what I’ve been doing since it seems to be the only option), I can see all the posts that I’ve thanked—and I only thank those useful ones…


User Comment:
Agreed it is needed.

User Comment:
Added to the new STM Forum section, together with the Announcements forum.

User Comment:
What came first the suggestion for the suggestion topic or the suggestion topic for the suggestion for the suggestion topic?

i feel like i just fell into the nexus of threads here.

The Article Published IN 07-09-2011 10:09 AM

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