How can I optimize this Landing Page?

I have a follow along gaming campaign going on ppvplaybook right now if any of you have seen that.

I’m trying to get this campaign profitable on leadimpact. I’ve tested 30 landing pages now. With and without audio, video, long and short ad copy. Different colors, sizes, images, buttons, headers, borders. Pretty much anything you can think of I’ve tested.

I’ve optimized the URL’s so I know which ones are consistenly converting. Currently I’m at -30% to 0% ROI with it. I’ve used a ton of different ideas but it seems like no matter what I do, I can’t get above 3-6% CTR. If I can get just 10-15% CTR I will be at 50-100% ROI.

This is my best converting landing page:

What would you do in this situation, after testing so many different landing page styles?

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Is the LP CTR the same for every url you are bidding?

Have you tried adding social proof or any security signs?

For example adding smth like "45k People like this". Also you could try adding some badges like #1 rated from CNET or other review signs.

Also look for the no malware badges as in .

That’s what I can think right off the bat , but try looking the landing pages of popular games and imitate them.

Let us know how it goes after you add the badges and likes.

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Great ideas, I actually didn’t even think about that. Will definitely do this now.

I like how you mentioned about the "45k People like this", I didn’t think to do it that way. One way I tried was "Next (13) People to Register play FREE!".

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I tried doing some security badges, ratings and things like that. Same CTR overall still.

The CTR seems to vary by URL, some are very high and some are low. The higher CTR urls are always a lot lower CR though so they end up even with eachother.

I tried a few landers similar to this one with different adcopy, pics and colors with still either the same or worse results.

This campaign has taken up about 4 days now trying to get it to profit. I don’t know if I should just ditch it this point and switch to another campaign or what. I feel like I’m not progressing.

So far total I’ve spent around 150 and got about 75 back.

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I have the same problem your facing, on how to optimize a page for better LP CTR.

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Maybe try something like "WANTED: 27 Beta Testers"
Also, replace the "Click Here to Play" with an email optin form (allows you to promote more offers to them, including Clickbank guides)

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Pick brighter colors, the heading is hardly readable. Embed a teaser of the game (host it on your own server and make it auto play on load). Make the CTA button flashy (animate it). Try other pictures. I found out that gameplay pictures convert way worse than some atwork. You can find great fantasy artworks over at

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