how can someone find out what websites you own?

I have an interesting situation ha to me anyway. My german ex-girlfriend just emailed me with a link to my wordpress "storefront" for my affiliate marketing business in a mocking tone lol. As far as i know, all she knows is my name and that i’m doing AM and probably have some sites. How could she find out what sites i own with just my name?

pretty random i know lol i’m just curious as to how hard she has stalked me ha

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several ways you can do that, who is records for your or your business once you find one site and using google analytics you can view source find out analytic account No. and google search for that the result will show all of your sites, or if you have a company name of the footer of your site you can search for that too? or she could work for Google

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Ummmmmmmm do you use your real name with your domain registrar? Easy whois look up.

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It’s very easy. Just enter one of your domains here and it shows the others using same analytics id :

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