How do you find a lawyer?

I’ve been wanting to get a lawyer to ask questions for things I don’t know but don’t know how to find one.

How did you find yours?

Also, does anyone use

Reason being is that I will also need them in the future.

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If you are in the U.S. or Canada I would look into prepaid legal. I pay $16/mo. I ask unlimited questions about whatever I want and they look over all my documents. They’ve saved me 1000’s of dollars on tax related stuff. I’ve been a happy customer for over a decade.

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Only $16 a month?

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Yeah $16 a month sounds real low. When I HAD to get a lawyer(at the end I really didn’t) I was just recommended by someone that uses lawyers all the time. I haven’t had to use one in awhile but if I did I would definitely check out Aaron Kelly Law.

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If anyone needs a tax lawyer let me know! I’ve got a good one. Also, I would recommend Tom Cohn of venable. (just google it) He worked for the ftc for years and now helps affiliates.

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Don’t trust your normal lawyer to cover your affiliate business. My personal attorney is a goddamn junkyard dog- golfs with every prosecutor in the state, knows half the judges, represents the PBA when they go on trial. The guy is a hired gun and I love him for that. For simple shit like contracts I’d have him look over it (although at his hourly rate this is probably not worth it haha) but for something like going to bat against an FTC claim or dealing with a non-paying network, I’d use someone who knows the industry. My point is that the sway he holds in this state won’t do me much good on a federal scale, especially dealing with things he’s not familiar with.

There’s a lot of lawyers who specialize in this stuff (Venable, as mentioned above, has a good rep, and that Kelly Law Firm is all over the damn place now) and you’re better off going with one of them over a local outfit. Your local guy may be great at getting rid of parking tickets, drug possession charges, and cleaning up that time you beat that hooker half to death in a Vegas hotel room, but stick with someone who knows the ins and outs of our industry for your business. This industry is tricky enough for people in it, I can’t imagine anyone on the outside making sense of what goes on.

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prepaid legal is OK unless u have to actually go to court. If you do… you are screwed!!!

I have ‘fried’ many people who had pre-paid on the other side. It got to a point that when the judge asked who represented the parties and found out it was a pre-paid legal lawyer vs. my experienced lawyer. The judge would ask if they ‘REALLY’ wanted to proceed. Anyone can check my legal history in MN. I never lost no matter what side I was on (MLM’s are such a dirty business)

They are OK for paperwork and looking over stuff but if you are looking down the barrel of Microsoft or FTC. HA!

you will need more than luck and pre-paid legal.

Coast Law Group LLP is good. Jason of Ads for Dough uses them
and I use John W. Dozier, Jr.

Both of them you can google and will find highly rated. John does ASW show each year and has a nice weekly newsletter that keeps you abreast of the issues online.

Remember the Art of War. "Do not run into battle with a straw & umbrella when the enemy is wielding swords and cannons"


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I know Aaron socially and he is a good guy. I have never used his legal services but he seems very knowledgeable about the online space. He is worth talking to in my opinion.

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