How do you handle different timezones reports?

I’m having a headache right now trying to get my stats all in 1 place.

LI’s reports are in GMT-8
A few cpa networks’ reports are in different timezones.
Changing CPVLab’s timezone to try to get accurate data is pretty troublesome.

How do you guys handle this issue (getting time correct on adspend reports, revenue reports, tracking reports)?

User Comment:
I basically work 24 hrs behind. There is always some lag. I don’t know of a good way for up to the minute reporting on income vs cost. Conversion pixels are probably the best bet.

User Comment:
Aren’t changing is not needed, as each timezone is tied to each traffic source ? I follow the traffic source timezone, traffic source give me the lead, not CPA companies

The Article Published IN 08-23-2011 04:40 AM

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