How do you manage your high traffic targets?

I’m currently trying to scale my PPV campaigns, targeting high traffic URLs.

Initially, I was thinking of just dumping 40 of those URLs into a single campaign, saves time and effort.

But after talking to polarbacon, I realize that it’s hard to control the spending of each target. Some of them might eat up the budget, while some might not get the chance to pop at all.

So, the best way was to create 40 separate campaigns each targeting 1 single high traffic URL, with variations of them.

I’m currently only using LI, but after creating 10 campaigns using their lame ass interface, I’m wondering how you guys manage your campaigns?

Do you create 1 campaign for each high traffic URL? If so, is there a tool to speed things up?

User Comment:
well, ya just blew my mind.

i was just putting them all in the same campaign, letting each one spend 2-10 dollars and make a decision. it’s a lot of work, watching each one close all at the same time. I just loaded 20 kws into 20 campaigns and am going to bed. When i wake up i’ll have all the data i need.


The Article Published IN 10-05-2011 02:48 AM

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