How Do You Track Your Campaign Details Data?

I’m starting to buy from lot’s of different networks, sites, etc. and would like to have your feedback as to what you use to keep up with all the campaign and cost data and subsequent reporting when you setup a campaign.

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If you know of any software or scripts, other than excel (my current solution), that are out there let me know. Otherwise I’ll get a database built.



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the only 2 that i know of to do what i think you want to are and

but they don’t track at the creative level….to the best of my knowledge

what I will say is that has-offers is quite awesome and can do alot of what you want…..

what is really cool about has is that it has a adserver built-in and at the enterprise level you can use the api’s to build a custom UI that would enable you to do everything you want and more……

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For what it’s worth, we got a lifetime membership for StatsJunky when it first came out, and haven’t used it since. We never got it to work. Their tech support never contacted us back.

I’m not sure how they’re doing today, but since before then I’ve been using Excel to track my stats, and that works for me. #oldschool

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Stats remote – Use it – Great for overall network data, not so much if you need network data broken down by product. Same goes for ad networks by campaign breakouts.
Statsjunky – Junk

We already have a network license with LinkTrust but can’t see how I can use it for Ad (fb, adwords, msn, ppv, etc.) network use because I already use Merchants for bringing in offers from other networks, and Affiliates for affiliates. Let me ponder this more.

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