How many angles do you try before u see the

How many angles do you try before u see the offer works or not?

Hey Jordan and members

How many angles do you try before you can tell that the offer will work or not ?

I have the idea i try to many offers to fast… I usually try 2 angels and if i cant get those profitable i hop into the next offer.

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he marco

for me it really depends on whether i know that others are doing very well with the same offer.

For example –

a new email submit (not your typical walmart,, ipad, iphone offer) – i try max 2 angles & direct linking

IQ quiz like QuizYou – lots of people were doing very well – therefore for offers like that I often try 5, 10, 20 – which ever really. They are more evergreen offers and finding an angel related to a new trend I see as really a new campaign, rather then just a variation on an angle.

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tijn spoke words straight from my mouth

Offers without a track record = 1-2 angles
Offers with a track record = 2+ angles depending on my gut feeling/how good my ‘angle’ ideas are.

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ok thanks guys

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