How May Offers Do You Guys Work With?

I know everyone is different, but those of you who are working in say the dating Niche.

I’m interested to know how you guys work and how many offers you work with?

So would you use a small amount of your favourite offers say, 1 general and one niche, and just apply different angles with each of your campaigns for example, or do you choose a different offer each time you run a different campaign based upon the recommendation of your AM?

I’m just looking at my working practises so to stream line what I do and interested in how the pros do it?

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I don’t really do too much dating, but speaking in general:

If I find an offer that coverts, I keep it. Sure, I’ll run maybe 20% of my traffic to a new offer that looks like it might convert better, but in general once I find an offer that converts well, I run that shit into the ground with different angles, campaigns, etc until something with a better conversion rate comes up.

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Sorry Couldn’t edit post but the title should have been "How MANY offers do Guys Work With?

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It just depends…..most of your big general dating offers, true, cupid, speeddate, all work….sometimes certain offers work better with certain ages….but honestly I just pick a known converter and work with that…the more variables you add to the mix the more your cost of testing goes up…so my advice is keep it to 1-2 offers

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If I were starting out in a new niche. I would ask round my affiliate managers what offer is doing well. So I might end up with 4-5 different offers then I would play king of the hill with them.

Start split testing two offers, then drop the loser and split test another offer with the winner.

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