How the f# could the adv. see my ad copy?

How the f# could the adv. see my ad copy?


Yesterday my AM hit me up saying that the adv. was not happy with my ad copy and didn’t approve of it. (my AM showed me the exact ad copy)
The thing is I’d never showed my ad copy to my AM or the adv. It wasn’t even necessary to run the offer.
I’m using DI through my host, a simple php script.

How could they see my ads?? How to prevent it? I’m not a very big fan of P202 and FB.


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If they saw the add from spying on ads and knew it would be for there offer they could have clicked it and filled out some garbage info and then check their system for what affiliate it showed under.

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Prob using a spy tool to check ads and found your aff link.

User Comment:
Prob they used a spy tool to check for ads and found your aff link

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I’m always surprised when advertisers find my ads. But in one instance it was because I guess I used a Copyrighted image and the owner contacted the advertiser with the link which had my aff id in it.

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Spy tools
Publishers are also quick to out ads which are non-compliant
Header tools

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