How to add Javascript ?

Hey there!
I’m planning on adding some scripts to my landingpage. How can I do that if the whole page is only one single image with one link all over it ?

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Thanks for the help

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heres an awesome guides on javascript

its called – google search

Here is a great discussion on the best guides to get started with javascript:…arn-javascript

And stackoverflow is a great site if you ever get stuck. Dont post your question though as its more then likely already been asked 20 times and solved.

Use search!!


What script to you want to add and why?

The easiest way to add scripts is to include it just before the </head> tag in the html.

Javascript needs to be wrapped in <script> …. </script> tags.

Here is an example of a simple html page that would trigger an entry alert/popup

<title>Awesome Lander</title>
alert("Congratulations, You Managed Your First Javascript Alert");
<h1>Buy My Shit</h1>
<h2>Bla bla bla</h2>

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Hey tijn, thanks for the help.

I want to add geoscript in the red rectangle of my lp. (look at the image)

How can I do that if the whole page is just an image ? when I insert it right before </head> it’s just on the side where nobody can see it.

Another script I want to add is a timer in the center of the lp. Something similiar to your shushi lp’s that you posted a while ago.

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Look at the $30 a day tutorial i did

That includes a lander with both elements included.

You will need customize the image a bit but its all there.

If your hell bent at using your own image then I suggest you learn HTML and CSS so you can layer txt over a background image and position it in the right place.

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