How to bid properly on facebook?

I have gathered a few interests on my target niche on facebook and each keyword gave me a starting bid of $.75 (US) but when I entered all the keywords. It gave me a starting bid of $2.49. I removed one interest and it even went up higher. Does facebook choose random starting bids?

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yes. disregard bids acquire DMCA’s

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what do u mean DMCA?

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i know what DMCA mean lol, but none of you two pointed what exactly I’m asking, I guess I have to dig deeper on this forum, thanks for not helping.

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i digged this up for you:

– You don’t want to lower your bids until you have at least 100 clicks on an ad
– Once you have 100 clicks per ad, lower your bids 10% less than recommend by facebook (on that ad). Once you have 300+ clicks on an ad, lower your clicks to 25% less than suggested by Facebook.
– So currently your bid is 0.40 cents, unless you have over 100 clicks on an ad, your bid should be what Facebook recommends otherwise you risk not seeing impressions.
Hope that made sense

The end point is, once you have a lot of clicks to an ad, you can lower you bids by roughly 25% less than suggested bid price and still see tons of impressions.

so bascially i would start bidding somewhere within the suggested bid range and let the a run for about 50-100 click and if you achieve a good ctr your bid pirce will drop dramatically. it’s better so start within the suggested bid range because you will get better inventory and therefore a better ctr..

for example i had a campaign with a similar suggested bid like yours and ended up paying only 0.30 cents in the end

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Thank you for sharing that info. Got to get my first campaign now, hopefully it will get approved.

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The suggested bid varies a lot depending on how specific your targeting is, the size of the demo, country, competitors with similar targets etc. Don’t be surprised at the suggested bids fluctuating like that and seeming random. In the end your CTR/clicks are going to be the primary determiner of CPC, not your bid.

Start high, I generally sit around or just below minimum bid for a new demo that I don’t know well. Don’t be afraid to bid high – you rarely pay your max bid unless it’s the first click or your ads have low CTR. If the ad sucks, having a high bid is good as you get enough volume quickly to see it’s a loser and kill it off. Just jump in and test – start with a $2 bid maybe, raise slowly if you’re getting shit all impressions per hour. Your data and observations are far more important, specific to your targeting and hence more reliable than what you can get from other people, so trust your testing.

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Ok, thanks for another helpful tip. I’m will still waiting to get my first campaign approved though. Can’t wait how this goes.

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